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LFA Business Webinar: From Contact to Contract: How Local Businesses Can Network Effectively

Leveraging your network is one of the most useful tools to get new business. There are those that are natural communicators and build networks of clients easily. For the rest of us, the time we put in can seem more like we're spinning our wheels than tread hitting the ground. 

Find out how business networking pros Kimber Lanning, Director and Founder at Local First Arizona, and David DeLorenzo, CEO of Bar and Restaurant Insurance, create lasting business partners that look beyond the handshake. 

What you'll learn: 
-How to make your intro engaging
-What type of follow-up works for different scenarios
-Tips for creating a stronger word-of-mouth for your business

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When: Tuesday, March 28th, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Cost: $8 (Recording available afterwards)
Open to all current LFA members. Questions? Contact [email protected]

Note: All webinars are open only to current members. Sustaining Members contact [email protected] to register for this webinar.

About our presenters:


Kimber Lanning is an expert in starting, operating, and managing small businesses. In addition to serving as Executive Director of Local First Arizona and the Local First Arizona Foundation, Lanning heads up three local companies that she also founded. This experience gives Lanning the unique perspective to better serve Arizona’s local business community. Lanning works hard to build entrepreneurship across the state, and to assist all business leaders, large and small, to understand the connection between entrepreneurship, economic resilience and self-sufficiency, and the community pride that makes people proud to call Arizona their home.


David DeLorenzo: While building his business, David discovered a niche market that could use his services: the restaurant industry He developed his current business, Bar and Restaurant Insurance (Ambassador Group Insurance) to respond to the industry’s demands for quality and affordable insurance for all sectors of the hospitality industry. Along the way, David has built a reputation in the industry based on the trust that he will always look to serve the best interest of his clients in both insurance price coverage.