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Green Cash Mob: Support Honey Bees

August 18th is Honeybee Awareness Day but we’re giving these hard working critters, and the people who care for them, a whole month’s worth of attention.  Honeybees play a critical role in our survival on the planet – without them our food system would literally collapse.  In recent years, bees have been having a harder time getting their job done due to challenges with particular pesticides, climate change, habitat destruction, invasive species and the mysterious Colony Collapse disorder.  Our Green Cash Mob for August is encouraging you to support local honey makers doing amazing work to positively impact bee populations in the Phoenix metro area.

What is a Green Cash mob?  We are firm believers that the best way to support companies that are doing their part for the environment is to purchase their goods and services. This helps grow our local economy and shows thanks for the businesses who are leading the charge.  Your job is simply to purchase something from them!  Check out the amazing honey companies that we’d like you to support this month (and the other eleven months in the year).


Sun Tan Honey has Santos Vasquez as its leader, founder, head beekeeper, educator, and CEO.  His favorite thing about beekeeping? The  buzzing of the bees working away in their hives. This impressive gentleman began with one beehive and is up to 450 hives. He has a strong belief that healthy, happy bees do a world of good for surrounding farms and prides himself on helping farmers increase yields. Santos started by helping out friends and family with bee problems, now he helps anybody and everybody by relocating the bees and not killing them.  His beehives create delicious honey, and the beeswax goes to soap made with their side project, The Perfect Man Club.  Santos also helps out local elementary schools by educating their students about bees.

How to support them: Purchase their honey and soaps and call them if you have bees in your home or workplace.  Purchase honey through Sun Tan’s Facebook or Instagram, and soap through the Perfect Man Club’s website.
Instagram: @isavebz



Beehave Honey has been stirring up honey in the Valley for about two and a half years. The movers and shakers behind Beehave, Monica and Viviana are doing it all. They are moms, wives, entrepreneurs and beekeepers. They are passionate about the environment, eating healthy and supporting our classrooms. A portion of their sales gets donated straight to schools to help teachers and they follow up that donation with offering free educational lessons about bees to students in their area. Monica and Viviana have a personal connection with their bees and believe each hive has its own personality.  They have teamed up with a local exterminator to re-home hives rather than destroy them.
How to support them: Purchase their honey online or communicate with Monica and Viviana via Facebook. They will be happy to make arrangements to get the honey you want and need.
Instagram: @beehave_honey


Rango Honey is connected to around 2,500 hives with multiple different honey products. They strongly support autism causes and fully fund two homes for individuals who are autistic. They are strong believers in pure honey that helps with allergies and ailments and only heat their honey to 110 degrees in order to keep from negating the positive effects of the honey. They also make a canine honey for pups that have allergies. Rango is in the process of opening a processing area for the honey at their Tempe location and are looking to give tours to interested parties toward the end of the year.
How to support them:  Purchase their honey by visiting their store at 364 S. Smith Rd in Tempe or by purchasing through their website. Rango Honey is also for sale in Bashas’, Ace Hardware and Natural Grocers.
Instagram: @rangohoney

Thanks to our partners Recyclebank for their support of the green cash mobs!

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