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Green Cash Mob: Recycled City


For the month of October, we're encouraging you to utilize the services of Recycled City, a local company that provides compost services to Valley homes and offices. Instead of sending your food scraps and green organics to  the landfill (where they contribute to methane gas emissions, a more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide), you can send them to the compost piles that the Recycled City team turn into nutritious soil needed to grow crops and plants.  

The service is simple - you will get a five gallon bucket where you'll place all food scraps.  Recycled City accepts almost all food - veggies, meat, fish, bones, pastries, bread - along with paper towels and napkins. They provide odor prevention material to keep smells down, and can pick up on a monthly ($10). bi-weekly ($15) or weekly ($25) basis. You can choose to receive finished compost to add to your garden or donate it to a local community farm.  Businesses with a lot of food waste are provided with larger bins at a different rate.

Without customer support, innovative companies like Recycled City can not survive. By participating in this Green Cash Mob, you are helping a small local business grow and continue the extremely important work they are doing to make our state a cleaner and greener place to live.  Find more information and sign up on their website: