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Business Webinar: Rising Above the Rest: Elevating Your Customer Experience (Online)

The Customer Experience… what’s the secret? Lauren Bailey has made a name for herself as one of the founders of Upward Projects (Postino, Joyride, Churn, Federal, and Windsor), which has grown to employ over 600 and has at least twice as many devoted followers patronizing her restaurants every single day. Find out how Lauren leverages her customer experience to fuel success in our special October webinar with Local First Arizona.

Walk away with:
-A deeper understanding of the customer experience, and how it helps to connect your customers to your business.
-Easy and effective ways to implement small changes for large impact in your business

Webinar details:
Monday, October 16th from 10AM - 11AM
Cost: $8, open to all current LFA members only

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Note: All webinars are open only to current members. Sustaining Members contact [email protected] to register for this webinar.

About Lauren Bailey:


Lauren Bailey Lauren Bailey is founding partner of Upward Projects restaurants, which include: Postino, Windsor, Federal Pizza, Churn, and Joyride.