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August Biz Webinar: Why Business-Nonprofit Partnerships Make Cents

The perfect partnership is mutually-beneficial: together, nonprofits and businesses can increase their bottom line and create large-scale change in the community.

This webinar will first review the basics -- asset leverage, partnership types, and alignment -- and then explore a local partnership. You’ll hear from both the business and nonprofit perspectives and understand why they’ve chosen to pursue partnerships, focusing on their hurdles and best practices.

Whether you are joining this webinar to learn more about how these relationships can drive social change or better-meet your business objectives, this session will make the case that the power of cross-sector partnerships is that the synergy effectively achieves both.

Both nonprofits and corporations are invited to sign up for this webinar; topics will be actionable and easily adaptable to any organization.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Review cross-sector partnerships: Asset Leverage, Partnership Types, and Alignment
  • Explore what a local partnership looks like
  • Hear direct examples from both local businesses and nonprofits about creating mutually-beneficial partnerships

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About Your Presenters

Amanda Kaye, MNLM
Ms. Kaye specializes in building cross-sector relationships, as well as branding and impact messaging as it applies to partnership outreach and cultivation. In the corporate world, she increased sales and client retention by training employees and partnering with local businesses to increase customer traffic and successfully execute campaigns. After completing the Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management graduate program at ASU in 2012, Ms. Kaye pursued a career at an Arizona-based, national nonprofit. She cultivated mutually-beneficial corporate relationships, gaining experience in managing competing interests to unite organizations under a common goal, executing effective campaigns, building PR and brand strategy, as well as measuring and communicating community impact. Raising over one million dollars in funds each year through cause-marketing, cash, payroll deduction, and in-kind sponsorship, Ms. Kaye annually exceeded revenue goals by over 20 percent. As a co-founder and partner at ckSYNERGY, Ms. Kaye has completed projects that focus on creating healthy communities through facilitation, training/coaching, relationship building, and strategic planning. Ms. Kaye has worked on cross-sector partnership and community building with: Vitalyst Health Foundation (formerly St. Luke’s Health Initiatives), Lodestar, Community Connections Consulting (Maricopa Integrated Health Systems and University of Arizona), Family Resource Network (First Things First), and 59DaysOfCode. Additionally, Ms. Kayeis a member of the Consultants Community of Practice at the Vitalyst Health Foundation.

Colleen Conley, MNLM
Ms. Conley is a co-founder and partner at ckSYNERGY, a consulting firm that focuses in the areas of cross-sector partnership development, facilitation, training/coaching, relationship building, and strategic planning. She has been fostering collaborative efforts between corporate executives, nonprofit leaders, community members, and government entities for more than 15 years. Some of her local work has been with Vitalyst Health Foundation, City of Phoenix, Maricopa Association of Governments, and the Junior League of Phoenix. Ms. Conley began her career working at national and international law firms, facilitating client teams to improve client service through effective communication and collaboration, as well as overseeing the firm’s corporate foundation. In addition to her many years of experience, Ms. Conley has a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from Arizona State University and a certificate in facilitation through the American Management Association. Ms. Conley was also recognized as an exemplary facilitator and selected to be a member of the Alliance fellowship with Vitalyst foundation where she fostered collaboration among community leaders to create systems-level change.