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Collaborating for an Agricultural Co-Op: Presentation & Discussions in the Copper Communities

  • 3 locations in the Copper Corridor Young, Miami, Kearny (map)

Join us for a presentation on what collaboration can look like with the infrastructure of an Agricultural Co-op, and begin the discussion of how we can elevate the value of local foods by collaborating in sales. Learn: 

  • What is an agricultural co-op?
  • What are the differences between a co-op and a non-profit?
  • How do you get started? And who benefits?

The presentation will be replicated three times on Wednesday, June 28, throughout the Copper Corridor as a part of Local First Arizona Foundation's participation in the Copper Communities Food Hub Study. Details are as follows:

  • Young at the Pleasant Village Community Center, 9am-11am - RSVP here
  • Miami at Bullion Plaza, 2pm-4pm – RSVP here
  • Kearny at Constitution Hall, 6pm-8pm – RSVP here

The presentation being delivered by John Penry, Owner of Penry Consulting, LLC. John is a creative thinker and planner, able to take complicated concepts and condense them into palatable bits of information. His objective is to constantly improve ways of teaching and understanding cooperatives and the energy industry.