Tempe Restaurant Owner Receives Face of Diversity - American Dream Award

If you haven't already heard of Raveen Arora maybe you have heard of his multi award winning restaurant, The Dhaba Restaurant & Marketplace has been serving local residents divine Indian food for nearly 15 years. Raveen Arora was bestowed the Face of Diversity award last month for his philanthropic initiatives, celebration of diversity and his exemplary leadership skills. 

This award shows that Arora is and has been going the extra mile for longer than his restaurant has even been open. His roots are ingrained in philanthropy and as a refugee from India, Arora is no stranger to adversity. As a child he worked with Mother Theresa and faced long ration lines. Instilling some important values that would last him a life time.

I would wake up hungry and angry as a child and now, 65 years later, I wake up hungry but humble.
— Raveen Arora

Arora has taken all of twists and turns that life has had and used them as learning opportunity. An extremely humble man he uses his life lessons to boost others and treats his staff as family. Restaurants are an important part of the fabric of American culture and Arora's belief and support of his staff allows everyone to succeed. It is clearly shown that because of those humble beliefs, not only has his restaurant succeeded but so as he.

As a member of Local First, Arora represents the perfect image of a local business success story. He and his business have become intertwined with Tempe and its local residents. Businesses like The Dhaba Restaurant & Marketplace bring out the true culture of our state and its people like Arora who tie the fabric of our community together. Local First Arizona exists to connect local businesses together to strengthen our local economy and its businesses owners like Arora, who continue to allow our local economy to thrive.