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Now is the time to join forces to protect, foster, and strengthen the local businesses in our neighborhoods that give us a sense of place, ensure our diverse culture, and provide us with strong unique communities we are proud to call home.

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Local Business Directory

Visit our local business directory to find over 2,500 locally owned businesses of all kinds. Join us and place yourself in front of customers who already know they want to find it locally. Let us help them find your business.

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All LFA members receive a 10% discount on office supply purchases through Wist Office products and additionally, free overnight delivery. Wist provides a rebate to LFA annually that represents 4% of our combined purchases. 2% of that rebate goes to the organization’s budget, and 2% is donated to a local charity. Additionally, members are provided with exclusive offers on a variety of products and services including advertising, hotel rates, insurance and more.


Exclusive offers to Local First Arizona members from our sustaining members.

Media and advertising discounts

View examples of advertising discounts offered by LFA media partners.


Business owners are encouraged to attend networking mixers to develop relationships with other like-minded businesses of all kinds. Business to business relationships and local procurement are encouraged.

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LFA communicates directly to its membership with a weekly emailed newsletter that includes information relevant to local economies, new member introductions, upcoming events, and recent news pieces. Our newsletters are currently e-mailed to over 2600 business owners, consumers and supporters. Members are also provided with LFA window stickers so consumers are sure they’re supporting Arizona entrepreneurs. Sign up for our newsletter today.


LFA creates programs for members that includes printed maps, called Small Wonders; a festival called Certified Local with free food, live music and fun for families; and National Independents Week during which consumers are encouraged to buy locally for the entire week.


LFA works at the state level to encourage legislation that favors Arizona businesses in the state procurement process, and at the city level to streamline the process for the adaptive reuse of existing buildings that are the incubator spaces for entrepreneurs to open new businesses, which create infill and density. LFA also sponsors economic studies to prove local spending is better for our communities than corporate spending.

Quality of Life

Local First is a long-term solution to a deep-rooted problem. We’re working to effect permanent changes in the way people think about how they spend their money- but that won’t happen overnight. We understand it’s going to take time, but we’ve made an enduring commitment to our communities. We’re in it for the long run. Ultimately the future of our state is far more important to the people who stand behind Local First than it is to any chain store. This isn’t just another branch location for us. It’s our home.

How does Local First Arizona help you reach your audience?
  • Major search engines search our site and make information available to the public to better find you and learn about what you do.

  • When you join, we discuss with you what categories and sub-categories that would best represent your business so customers can find you.

  • We prepare periodic news releases for the media about our growth, sustainability, keeping dollars in the local economy, and events related to our organization and its members.

  • In July we celebrate "Independents Week" where National Public Radio offers our members a discount on radio ads, which gains a lot of public attention.

  • Each Fall, we host a festival, called Certified Local, that includes booths filled with food and merchandise from the valley's best local businesses, live music, and fun for the whole family.

  • Each week we send an E- newsletter with ideas, tips, and information. The newsletter is a great way to stay informed about related events, legislation, and our membership growth.

  • You will also be available for business (retail & non-retail ) searches on the Local First iPhone application, which will include our entire member directory. Customers can also find any specials you may have listed.

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How do other members know I'm here to help the cause?

We announce you as a new member in our newsletter with a link to your web site. If you do not have a web site, we will list your business in a special category so the link in the newsletter goes directly and only to your business page.

What other reasons are there to join?

As a member of Local First Arizona, you're sharing our values…

  1. Celebrate your independence:
    You have a choice where to spend your money and you make an effort to invest in your community!

  2. Put your money where your house is:
    When you shop local, three times the revenue remains in your community - supporting your parks, schools and more!

  3. Live local, give local:
    Independent businesses are the largest contributors to LOCAL charities.

  4. Be Arizona proud:
    Regardless of where you came from, you're in Arizona now -- take time to explore and invest in your new home!

  5. Our future is now:
    By supporting local businesses today, you're investing in a unique, sustainable future for our community.

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Dues Structure

Our dues structure remains incredibly low because we are able to apply for grants for community and economic development, which allows us a wide variety of revenue streams and enables us to keep our dues affordable for business owners of all sizes.

Total number of people in your business, (owners, full and part-time employees). Phoenix & Tucson Metro Area Annual Dues All Other Arizona Annual Dues
1-4 people $49 $35
5-10 people $79 $50
11-20 people $129 $100
21-50 people $249 $200
51 or more people $349 $300
Sustaining membership:
Sustaining membership info
$1000 $1000
Non-profit dues
Annual Budget: Under $100,000 $49 $35
Annual Budget: Between $100,000 - $500,000 $99 $65
Annual Budget: Between $500,000 - $1,000,000 $149 $100
Annual Budget: Over $1,000,000 $349 $200

Eligibility requirements

While we appreciate your interest in Local First Arizona, the following business types do not fit our membership criteria:

  • Franchisees that are not licensed to exclusive Arizona-headquartered franchises.
  • Companies that are publicly traded, regardless of where they are headquartered.
  • Independent agents or franchisees that are licensed to non-Arizona based companies.
  • Companies with more physical locations operating outside of Arizona than are operating inside Arizona.
  • Companies with their headquarters in another state.