LFA For(u)m: Overlay & Character Area Development

  • Location TBC Mesa, AZ

LFA For(u)m returns to downtown Mesa to discuss the catalysts for hyper-localized redevelopment, especially as it occurs in and around downtowns. Downtown Phoenix Partnership, Downtown Tempe Authority, Downtown Mesa, and others like them have combined with unique overlays to specifically shape the development of corridors in their respective cities. At times, these actions have destroyed the very character which made these areas unique in the first place; but others, careful planning has produced a unique mix of uses, income levels, and industries into a concentrated area.

With Mesa specifically seeing affordable housing, arts and culture, and small-business leading its charge, and Phoenix's arts & small-business overlay producing Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue's distinctive streetscapes, the For(u)m examines what conditions produce the unique neighborhoods we're drawn to, and how to develop within those constraints.

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