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History Preserved Publishing LLC

History Preserved Publishing LLC

Family, Town & Organization Books & All the How To!

We publish family books, town and organization histories, historical society books, and we feature each book on our web site.
• We set up information on each book for Google, Yahoo, MSN so anyone anywhere in the world can find the family or organization. When they e-mail us, we forward it to the author so connections can be made.
• We design the books or offer free coaching on how to do it yourself.
• Our web site is packed with easy "How-To" info on creating stories, what to write about, where to begin, how to design your book if you wish, and tons more. All of it is free for you to use. And we are available for your questions at no cost to you.

  • (800) 360-5284
  • Phoenix, AZ 85078.
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