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AJR Public Adjusters

AJR Public Adjusters

Representing YOU the insured NOT the insurance company

AJR Public Adjusters with over 30 years experience, are the policyholders advocate in dealing with the insurance company after a property loss. Losses due to fire, wind, water, theft, hail, monsoon, water pipe break, slab leaks, are some of the losses we can assist with.

As Arizona's most experienced public adjuster, we provide unmatched service and professionalism in this marketplace.

Our priority is to ensure you are being reimbursed for all coverages you have paid for, all while maximizing your settlement.

There is no UP FRONT FEE for our service. We are compensated a small percentage when the insurance company issues a check for your claim.

With your next loss, give us a call and let us explain how we can take the stress off your shoulders while we help settle the claim

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