The Localist community is made up of trendsetters and like-minded individuals that are committed to the future of Arizona. When you become a Localist, we'll keep you updated on the latest and greatest happenings in your area. 

Being a Localist isn’t only about unique experiences and opportunities (although there will be those, too). As a Localist, you are part of a movement that supports local businesses and has fun along the way!

Become a patron at the businesses that are the landmarks that define our cities, create a sense of culture, and provide unique experiences that make locals proud to call Arizona home.


Business Listing

Our website receives over 60,000 searches every month, and our high trust rating with Google means that your business listing will help your organic search engine optimization.



Business Resources

From carefully curated educational courses, to small business resources and proven marketing materials that help identify you as a local business to give you a leg up on the massive marketing budgets that much larger businesses have.


Community Calendar

Use our community calendar to reach the largest local business coalition in North America. We have built a dedicated following — statewide — of business and individuals that want to feel connected to place.

The best part of Localist events is meeting business owners and hearing their stories. Attending an LFA event means knowing you’ll spend the day making new friends who share your values.
— Tim Ness
I like to support businesses that reflect the community I want to live in and through the Localist program I’ve been able to see how our local business community works collaboratively to make Arizona a better place to live.
— Melia Smith
Being a localist allows me to connect deeper with my community. I know the owners of the businesses that I frequent, I understand where my food comes from, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the town.
— Andrew Vogeney


Now is the time to join forces to protect, foster, and strengthen the local businesses in our neighborhoods. These businesses give us a sense of place, ensure our diverse culture, and provide us with strong unique communities we are proud to call home.