Ambassadors Of Local First Arizona | ALFAs

Local First Arizona's volunteers mobilize local communities across the state on behalf of LFA's mission to spread the Buy Local message to as wide an audience as possible. Our volunteers, known as Ambassadors of Local First Arizona (or “ALFAs”), contributed hundreds of hours in 2015 to support LFA events, assist with office tasks, write guest blog posts, and much more. This support has greatly allowed LFA to further expand many programs and initiatives over the past year, thus allowing us to better serve Arizona's independent businesses and communities across the state.

This Year’s ALFA Stats: 405 ALFAs Served 1834 Hours Valued At $41,166 

2015 Milestones

  • The ALFA volunteer program reaches the 2-year mark
  • Launched an official ALFA volunteer program for Northern Arizona 
  • ALFAs volunteered at Local First Arizona and Local First Arizona Foundation events like the the Devoured Culinary Classic, the Rural Policy Forum, Farmer + Chef Connection, the Certified Local Fall Festival and the National BALLE Conference
We love all the events that Local First Arizona hosts and love helping make them a success. Not to mention that volunteering with LFA builds overall community between volunteers, businesses and the community.
— ALFA Testimonial: Andrew Vogeney, ALFA


In 2015 we continued to expand our internship program to all of our statewide offices. Interns were placed in a variety of departments and positions focusing on expanding LFA’s capacity in those areas, including communications, healthy local foods initiatives, sustainability, volunteer and events management, Fuerza Local, and general office tasks. In total, LFA interns contributed 2,175 hours of work in 2015. Interns came from Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, the University of Arizona, and Pima Community College. 

Thanks to all of our 2015 interns: Celeste Allen, Jose Urteaga, Kayla Bellman, Julie Carmody, Lore Contreras, Lisa Denny, Jessica Estrada, Colin Favre, Kendra Grahmlich, Gabe Hamilton, Cole Lanning, Cassie Lubenow, Love Mariposa, Natalie Olson, Alexandra Pohl, Sarah Schenck, Loran Shamis, Alexis Sherman, Alexa Salas and Jake Swanson.

2175 Intern Hours for a total value of: $48,829 

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with and learn from such an inspiring group of passionate individuals! I feel empowered and purposeful as a Localist, and am proud of the work I can contribute to this movement.
— Intern Testimonial: Colin Favre, Intern