Local First Arizona continues to build relationships among local and national media outlets to spread the Buy Local message to as wide an audience as possible. In 2015, LFA accrued 600 features, mentions, and public service announcements on print, online, television, and radio media outlets. 

Community Outreach

Local First Arizona partnered, sponsored, or participated in more than 80 community events across the state, from street festivals to farmers markets, conferences to culinary events. These events allow us to talk one-on-one with individuals about the importance of supporting local businesses. These types of interactions have a strong impact and give LFA the opportunity to build a coalition of strong supporters and advocates throughout Arizona. 

Speaking Engagements

Public speaking engagements have been extremely effective for Local First Arizona to spread the Buy Local message across Arizona. These events gather people from all sectors of the community and allow Local First Arizona uninterrupted access to a wide variety of audiences. LFA staff was invited to speak to over 75 groups and audiences in 2015. 


As a leader in the national Localist movement, Local First Arizona is regularly invited to speak at and participate in national gatherings across the country. 


  • International Economic Development Conference in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Partners for Rural America Conference in Virginia
  • Wealthworks Conference in Washington, D.C National 


  • B Corporation’s Measure What Matters Summit in Portland, Oregon
  • American Sustainable Business Council’s Conference in Washington, D.C.; also visited with the U.S. Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee
  • Young Nonprofit Professionals National Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas