Localist Membership

The Localist program is Local First Arizona’s individual membership program, a way for individuals to hold a stake in the Buy Local movement and have fun while supporting local businesses. Throughout the year, Local First Arizona curates exclusive events, experiences, and opportunities for Localists to connect with each other and the community, in turn spurring economic activity with local businesses across the state.

By connecting Localist members to other individuals and local businesses in their communities, they will experience a more defined sense of place. An extensive Knight Foundation study titled "Soul of the Community' demonstrated that a strong connection to place was the main indicator of prosperity in a communities across the country. The Localist program works to create prosperity throughout Arizona by inspiring individuals to be proud to call Arizona home, to put down roots here, and to increase their civic engagement in building their community. Great places are built by people who love their place. 


Unique 26 Localist Experiences 

I believe in supporting the local economy, and I would like to see more local businesses succeed. Plus, I love the social aspect of it too. As a Localist I’m always meeting new people and trying new things!
— Lora Dalbo, Localist
There is no doubt that our Cibo Localist event turned out to be the event of the year for us...the localists who participated in our “wine tasting through Italy” event were the perfect crowd, smart, fun, curious and passionate about their local community.
— Michael Krassner, Cibo